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What’s trending 2019 in t-shirt designs

Get ahead of the game and design your own one-

of-a-kind t-shirts for 2019, There is soooo much going on in the world today that the possibilities are endless.  But to help you narrow it down, here are a couple of topics to think about.


  1. Politics………   You can watch Saturday Night Live and get plenty of ideas for a political T-shirt.  Or if you have something on your heart to share with the world, wear it on your chest.... but try to be nice about it.


  1. Sports....... If your team is doing great, be braggadocio and wear it on your chest.  If your team sucks, then still be braggadocio and wear it on your chest.


  1. Veganism.........  The chickens are more relaxed these days, it seems like everybody is turning to veganism


  1. Pop Culture....... Just like Black Panther was the movie for 2018, 2019 will have a blockbuster of its own.  Watch the previews and get ready. 


  1. LGTB.........   PRIDE, its a new day, wear it on your chest proudly.  


  1. Animal Lovers...............  Need I say more. Dogs parlors and cat cafes are on the rise. Have fun with it. 


  1. Technology.............  Being tech savvy makes you something like a genius. Go for it.


  1. Humour............. Laughter is good for the soul, and much needed. 


Whatever you decide, just be kind. 

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