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  • What is Urban Wear?

    What is Urban Wear?

    We are more than just a T-shirt Shop

    Fulfill4me is an innovative fulfillment center service. Custom T-shirts Apparel and Promotional Materials, Marketing Services, Fundraising, Graphic design, and more. Our 3 dots logo represents a place to sell, buy, and support.

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  • Easy Group Custom T-Shirt Ordering

    Easy Group Custom T-Shirt Ordering

    Are you planning a fundraiser, reunion, or any other event and need custom t-shirts.  Drop by and see us where you can see exactly what your ordering before you order.  Our creative graphic designers are available to help with ideas.
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  • The next big thing in custom apparel

    In this millennial age, the ability to provide what you want when you want it is a big deal.  Digital printing is the future of custom apparel.  Digital printing processes have been developed specifically to address quality, efficiency, and cost....

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  • We love what we have to offer! | FulFill4me

    We love what we have to offer!

    We are a community of brands built from the ground up around each individual passion.  With the growing digital age, the possibilities to be successful at doing what you are passionate about has grown tremendously.
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  • Finally Hassle Free Group Ordering | FulFill4me

    Finally Hassle Free Group Ordering

    A Professional online presentation of product and easy ordering through a link. Users can visit a custom link to see the t-shirt that you have chosen to produce, in a familiar and modern looking online shopping format.
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  • History of the Printed T-Shirt | FulFill4me

    History of the Printed T-Shirt

    The roots of decorated apparel go back to ancient China, where the technique of screen printing (a form of stenciling) was developed sometime during the Song Dynasty (960–1279 AD). Originally, the process used silk screens, hence the other popular name silk screening. Over the years, the technique expanded with new methods spread to other Asian countries like Japan and was furthered by creating newer methods. It was Europe from Asia sometime in the late 1700s but wasn’t popular until later.
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