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Finally Hassle Free Group Ordering

Before you plan your next group order, take a look

How would you like to not………

  1.  Track down people for sizes- All it would take is one email with a custom generated link, and all your people can simply choose their preferred shirt size and click order.
  2.  Have to collect payments- With a generated link - the normal ways to pay online are available so your people can select a shirt, enter their details and pay up.
  3. Run around delivering shirts - Direct shipping to each person who orders, or an option to pick up in-store


How would you like to...........

  1. Have control over setting a timeline for when a patron can order and when they should have their shirt in hand - set a timeline for the entire ordering process. This guarantees that your people will receive their t-shirts at the same time, and all you have to do is send out reminders of the deadline.

Too Easy….......

A Professional online presentation of product and easy ordering through a link. Users can visit a custom link to see the t-shirt that you have chosen to produce, in a familiar and modern looking online shopping format.

All you have to do………

  1. Call and speak with a sales coordinator
  2. Send out the introductory email with the link to the group
  3. Send out a couple of reminder emails to the group.
  4. Show up to the event with your t-shirt on.
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